Cancer Dudes

Empowering men to thrive after cancer

What you gain


Strategies and exercises to help you with the stress, anxiety and hardship that comes after a cancer diagnosis.



Opportunity to connect with survivors and patients from around the country in our monthly online hangouts.


Real-life wisdom

Hard-earned wisdom from survivors and other men who have overcome challenging circumstances.




Develop successful communication strategies and avoid the common pitfalls when talking to your friends, family, co-workers and partner about your cancer experience.


If you’ve ever questioned how cancer affected who you are as a person, and to what degree, then this section’s tailor made for you.

Bro to Bro

Peer support is an underrated, yet vital part of cancer recovery. Hear the stories of men whose lives were dramatically affected after they connected with a survivor for support. 

Speak Your Truth

Your cancer story is powerful, both to you and who you tell it to. Harness that power to tell your story in the most compelling, truthful and impactful way.

Dudes and Sex

Sex and how it can change after treatment is no joke. Get the straight talk on how to handle this delicate subject in this handy little section.

Calm the F*ck Down

The stress and anxiety from cancer can take a toll. Here are some strategies from our playbook that can help.

Monthly Cancer Hangout


Join patients and survivors around the country on the third Tuesday of every month at 8 pm EST


Survivor Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what fellow survivors had to say:

This content helps people deal with hardships they are experiencing as a result of cancer. The video interviews are rooted in real-life experiences and are incredibly helpful. There’s great material here.

Craig Thessin


I’d recommend this site for any man dealing with the fallout from cancer. The interviews and exercises are right on point.

Steve Giallourakis


All the content was approachable and done very thoughtfully. In particular, the material on sex and intimacy, which can be sensitive to talk about, struck the right tone.

Stephen Estrada


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